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The Perry Winkle
No 21 The SAPS AT SEA of SOUTHEND Newsletter                                     OCT/NOV/DEC  2003
Raise your fezzes to Mr & Mrs Bunkle

For many Laurel and Hardy fans, Saturday 13th September was an important day on their calendar - it was the Laurel and Harday in Wigan. But two Saps At Sea members had a much more pressing engagement. Not an engagement actually – a wedding!. Jim and Barbara thoroughly enjoyed their

special day and so did the other Saps present.  Jim insisted that we all took our fezzes along to the evening reception. Much to the astonishment of the non-Sons at the reception, we sang a rousing version of “We Are The Sons of the Desert”. Earlier at the Wedding Ceremony itself the happy bride and groom had placed on their fingers the Wedding Rings made by that clever Sap, Laurie Young. Since the Saps were launched, we have enjoyed a variety of special events but this was our first Wedding. So thanks go to Jim and Barbara for arranging a different event! Seriously, on behalf of all Saps At Sea CONGRATULATIONS  to Jim & Barbara