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It is normally great to receive mail for The Perry Winkle. It means that I’ve filled another bit of space whilst at the same time giving a voice piece to one of our readers. This time around, however, there is a degree or two of sadness as I am printing two messages from stalward Saps At Sea members who have, or soon will be, sailing into new ports far away from Southend. Jason and Sam Liddiard (and the rest of the family) are now in Paris. Jason had an opportunity of a lifetime to move with his company to take up a new post in this lovely city. Russell Clay also has a great career opportunity in his move to New Jersey and work in New York. This is a move that has been bubbling under for a little while and has finally come into fruition. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Jason & Sam and their family and Russell all best wishes for the future. We sincerely hope that we will meet up again in the not too distant future. Thanks for your support guys – and keep enjoying the magic of Stan and Ollie.

Dear fellow Sons 

  Since we last attended a Saps meeting, back in May, I’ve been presented with a new career opportunity and the chance of a new life based in Paris, France. This means that Sam and I shall be relocating with our family at the end of August, assuming we can find someone to share the driving and expenses like when we came out here…

  We take this opportunity to say “au revoir” to our dear friends from the Saps At Sea tent, and to thank you all for the hospitality and congeniality you’ve shared with us over the last two-and-a-half years. The Saps At Sea Tent can be proud of the values displayed by its leadership and members – a truly exemplary branch of the Sons of the Desert.

  We shall be contacting the Block-Heads tent in Paris in due course in the hope of joining, assuming they will have us! I hope we get the opportunity to meet up with as many of you as possible in the future, perhaps at a European Convention

  Our sincere and best wishes to you all

                                Jason (the fat one) and Sam (the thin one) Liddiard  

Jason, alias Mr Laurel, joins his friend, Bill Harris at Southend Pier Museum during the making of Channel 4’s Film Fever in March 2001   

Hi Everybody

  Sadly, it’s time for me to say GoodBye. The last year the USA has been bubbling in the background, but I can honestly say that I am going now!

  I do not have a firm date, but at the moment it looks like the 16th September, although the 2nd has also been offered.

  I have had had a wonderful time at the Meetings, they have certainly been a lot of fun. I still rate the Southend Convention as the best ever. I want to invite you boys and girls for a drink/meal *. If anyone needs a late night pass, here is the story.

  We are going ship hiking off the pier. We don’t want to do it, but we’ll end up in the mountains and that will make us healthier and get rid of all the illnesses we have. That’s our story, and as long as we stick together nobody will be any the wiser.

                        Russell Clay

*Editors note…about a dozen of us did wish Russell a Bon Voyage at his farewell drink/meal in August. We couldn’t quite get rid of him because he turned up at our September meeting!


Russell attracts big crowds as he tries to master “The Bucket & Spade” game at his favourite Convention, Southend 2002