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The Boys  -  in Caricature

It is quite amazing how unusual Laurel and Hardy items still keep coming to light. Steven Joseph came to a Saps meeting in the summer armed with these two LP’s he had just bought at a car boot sale. There was a time when record fans would hunt down obscure LPs for the contents of the album, but in this case it was the covers that had a special interest. I have never seen these before – and still know nothing about them. I wonder if the other volumes have caricatures Stan & Ollie on the front cover?  And just who is the artist? I haven’t checked with Steven to see if he’s managed to listen to all the “descriptive moods, sounds, effects & gags”. I wonder if Sonotion have released these on CD’s yet?

Whilst on the subject of Laurel and Hardy LPs with unusual artwork on the cover, another collectable album is the American release entitled “Naturally High”. Released in the 1970’s it contains soundtrack from Laurel and Hardy films which have since become available in the UK on a number of other albums, tapes & CDs. Although I don’t own a copy of “Naturally High”, the colour artwork was replicated on the cover of an American Sons of the Desert video rarities that I managed to obtain a year or so ago. Once again, I have to admit to not knowing the name of the artist.

       The final artwork in this feature is that of a cover of the Equals CD that I purchased from our good friend, Willie McIntyre. The CD contains four singles by the UK pop group from the 1960s. It contains the single “Laurel and Hardy” which reached 35 in the Pop Charts. Oh and by the way, just in case you thought for a moment I knew of the name of the artist or the origin, I haven’t a clue!