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where it all began 

In 1953, American  born  John McCabe was studying at the University

of Birmingham. He noticed that Laurel and Hardy were appearing live at the Hippodrome. McCabe went to see the comedians perform their “Birds of A Feather” sketch and, to his amazement, was able to meet the comedy duo backstage. A friendship developed from this initial meeting and over the next few years McCabe corresponded regularly with Stan Laurel. After Ollie’s death in 1957, McCabe wrote his first biography about the duo. Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy holds a special place in the hearts of fans for it is written with great affection and knowledge by a person close to the comedy team. McCabe’s desire to share the special comedy of Laurel  and  Hardy  with   other   fans,

resulted in his eventually persuading Stan to agree to setting up an appreciation society. Stan insisted that this should be a fun organisation and helped write the humorous constitution of the fan club which would continue to honour and perpetuate the world of Laurel and Hardy. Initially Stan had suggested that the club be known as “Boobs in the Woods”, oblivious that the name had other connotations. And so, just before his own death, Stan played his part in helping to establish the wonderful family that is truly international, gloriously unique and enables us all to continue enjoy the antics of Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy….

The Sons of the Desert